Technical Representation

Acting on behalf of our clients during lease handbacks and aircraft deliveries, our technical specialists ensure a quality product is delivered on time. Technical representation involves consultants being onsite to ensure the client's needs are met correctly. Daily updates are given to the client with regards to work progression and budget with updates of any further requirements.

Aircraft Appraisals

Our experienced consultants are able to appraise aircraft values pre-purchase and at end-of-lease to ensure aircraft offer good value and are well maintained. Clients will receive a confidential and detailed report and valuation to allow informed decisions. Having worked with major finance houses and lessors we have a good understanding of items that affect an aircraft's value. 

Lease negotiation

We are able to review lease terms and conditions to ensure that all technical aspects are covered and acceptable to both parties with regard to maintenance provision. In addition, we can perform a basic operational audit of the proposed lessee to ensure the asset will be maintained correctly.

EASA 145 Approval

CAMS are able to assist companies to obtain EASA 145 approval for aircraft maintenance and to act as quality control advisors. As independent consultants we are able to assist with both the set up of approved facilities and operations for commercial and executive aircraft.